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Grime - Saw Grime - Saw

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Right Track

Well, You have the right idea. Im gonna try to help point you in the right direction.

Pros: I like the melody and bridge. The beat your goin' for is pretty tight

Cons: Preset synths are too noticeable (They're good for learning but you should change it up because factory presets arent gonna get you anywhere down the road).

Your subbass is leaving minimal headroom and your synths are very stabby (full of treble and makes tweeters scream so hard you're ears would bleed on a real system).

You should try using compression to give it a slightly softer feel and more room yet still let it hit hard.

Ill try and save ya some time by explaining... remember if you dont use compression or equalization to even out the entire sound and have all those instruments peaking like that its very easy to break equipment.
Random tips:
Boosting = Adding Volume (can cause distortion) Cutting = Lowering volume. Youll be surprised how much cutting a kickdrum slighly (like -3db or -6db) can help it stand out more.

You could lower your bass by a couple DB (assuming its peaking at 0) with equalization to get rid of any problem frequencies.

subbass frequencies. ~20-80 hz (those booms in yo car) ~80hz-200hz = normal bass ~ 200hz-2khz = midrange ~2khz+ treble.

Maybe equalize your sounds in a panometric eq so you can see what sound is hitting where and make appropriate cuts and boosts to get that sound to feel more alive.

Thats all. Keep practicing though. It takes a little bit but once you get the hang of it you'll probably laugh at this post down the road :P

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dicool27 responds:

Wow thank you very much!
Acctually you helped me a lot.
"you'll probably laugh at this post down the road" you probably right!